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Harlan Foods develops, and delivers individual and group feeding rations to militaries around the globe. As a leading supplier to the U.S. military, we have been producing and providing high quality, great tasting food for more than 30 years.  Keeping America's military fueled with safe, nutritious and delicious meals ready to eat is a top priority for Harlan.

We understand the importance of ensuring that we do our part to ensure that the supply chain which keeps troops fed, on the go and vigilant in danger zones around the world is of the utmost importance.  Our Food Professionals work hard every single day to do our part.

Harlan Foods also provides global humanitarian and disaster relief rations for government and non-governmental organizations.

When disaster strikes or unexpected events unfold globally, relief and aid organizations are often the first responders.  Providing the necessary resources which include nourishment and hydration help to reduce the often overwhelming stress victims of natural disasters endure.  Knowing they will not go hungry or thirsty as aid organizations, governmental and non-governmental agencies assist in recovery and relief efforts is a small but important part of the solution which Harlan takes very seriously.

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