Harlan's Signature approach

Harlan Foods believes that delivering an exceptional product is more than leveraging automated equipment and relying on software-based systems.  It is also mastering the fundamentals of creating food.  We begin with developing uncompromising recipes which are the result of leveraging advanced research that we know will sustain or improve shelf turns.  We accomplish this by sourcing the proper ingredients in discriminating ways and then putting those ingredients to work inside of purpose-built facilities staffed by passionate and committed Food Professionals.  

Mastering these things and executing on them consistently provides Harlan the foundation for delivering signature products, service and experience.  Like the products we create, Harlan has a signature recipe required to achieve success and deliver exceptional products.

source well

Create with purpose

know the market

"The expectations we set with our customers must equal each Harlan experience they have.  It must be consistent every single day and in every single way.
– Harlan Co-Founder



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Muffins & Cookies

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Innovation kitchen

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Harlan Foods is a leader in the development and manufacture of innovative, high quality foods.  

Harlan proudly serves mass and specialty grocers, quick-serve and other types of specialty retailers across North America, as well as America's Military, Disaster Relief Services, Schools and Insitutions.