As we move post-COVID, personal health and nutrition choices are growing in importance

We are all aware that COVID has taken a toll beyond simply the impact to our healthcare system, supply chains and personal lives.  The news has for months reported on the fact that COVID has disrupted families, careers and even the mental health of tens or hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

However, there is are a small number of important COVID facts which have been largely overlooked, until now.  And, we'd like to share them with you.

  • COVID changed our eating habits.

COVID shift in eating habits

  • COVID has had an unexpected negative mental health impact.  More consumers are now concerned with their weight gain, their state of health and are frequently becoming more anxious about what to do about it.

Post COVID health and weight statistics

Reversing the habits of COVID and improving physical and mental health is a process that can begin simply.

Harlan feeds 1 in 10 Americans each week, so helping to improve health by providing safe, nutritious and delicious food is part of our Signature Promise to consumers.

Let's start with something simple which virtually every employee and consumer can easily act on-today.

If you are reading this, please consider sharing this simple technique  with your team, family, customers perhaps even do yourself.

It's called 'Replacement Practice' or simply 'Switching'.  Here is an example.

Instead of ice cream in the evening, replace it with a small bowl of organic and/or gluten-free granola mixed with greek yogurt, blueberries or raspberries, dark chocolate chunks, flax or chia seeds or seed powder and a nut butter.

Harlan Foods Gluten Free Granola

Harlan Foods' Gluten Free Granola mixed with fresh berries

Not only is Gluten Free Granola filling and tastes incredibly rich, there are a number of health benefits such as;

  • Easier digestion:

In this case, eating too much gluten can cause symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and more intestinal issues.

  • No cholesterol:

Gluten free granolas are cholesterol-free, so it's heart healthy.

  • No animal products or by-products: 

Often animal products other than products such as meat itself has a number of additives and by-products included, which more often than not don't do anything to improve your health, so do without when you can.

  • More nutrients:

Gluten free granola often contains more protein and fiber per serving than traditional cereal because it's made from ingredients like oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, and dark chocolate chips, all of which are packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.  In fact, studies tell us that gluten free granolas contain twice the amount of antioxidants as brown rice!  It’s a tasty way to get all sorts of health benefits at once while still being equally delicious as our favorite comfort foods.

  • More energy:

If you struggle with mid-day sluggishness, a granola snack is a natural way to provide the body with clean, high quality fuel without processed sugars or caffeine.  It’s also packed with healthy sources of fiber as well, so feel free to indulge without feeling guilty.

  • You do not have to be 'Gluten Free' to enjoy gluten free

Often, consumers avoid gluten free products because they believe they must be on a gluten free diet or that gluten free products are more expensive or taste inferior to standard products.   All of these are urban myths!  You can enjoy a gluten free product regardless of your nutritional approach and finding high quality, rich-tasting and affordable options is something we at Harlan Foods are focused on delivering every single day.

Harlan Foods is a leading manufacturer of a variety of high quality breakfast and mealtime foods, snacks and deserts.   Part of our Signature Promise & Approach is to provide consumers with foods family's can afford and enjoy without sacrificing quality or nutritional value.

Learn more about the Harlan Signature Way by clicking here.

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