IDDBA 2024- What a great show!

Trade shows by their very nature can be taxing.  For everyone attending from the show organizers to key note speakers to show exhibitors and attendees, there is work to be done before walking into the exhibit hall on day one.

For the team at Harlan Foods, this is no different.  IDDBA, the International Dairy, Deli and Bakery Association, follows closely after the American Pie Councils National Pie Championships®.

This year, Harlan Foods and its subsidiary, Apple Valley Foods,  continued our tradition of excellence by achieving a new record: an impressive 27 FIRST-PLACE BLUE RIBBONS awarded to our pies, maintaining our multi-year winning streak.

Harlan R&D staff serving up samples to happy booth attendees

This year at IDDBA, we ran out of room for all the 2024 blue ribbons!  We want to thank our incredibly talented pie team who work across the entire supply chain, from tending our orchards to baking the pies to boxing and shipping the finished product with care.

With the 2024 IDDBA show now behind us this past week, we took a few days of rest before beginning our planning process for 2025.  We just wrapped up our first post show meeting.

Why do we mention this?  Because we put as much care into making sure that your time at shows like IDDBA is well invested and you walk away with value.

This is the same attention to detail and care that we put into each of the many products we proudly had on display for show attendees to inspect and sample this year in Houston.

It is important our employees find pride and passion in what they as Food Professionals, as well as we as a company do each day.  That is our pledge to our customers, and it is how we live up to our promise of 'Delicious. Delivered.' One product at a time, one day at a time.


Harlan's iconic bagels, the foundation for our growth and success

For this year's show, Harlan has continued to expand the range of exceptional products. While our success was founded on our expertise manufacturing a wide variety of exceptionally good bagels, each year, as our business has grown, our range of products has expanded along with our capacity.

Harlan's Hearty and Savory Chicken Pot Pie

This year, the Harlan Foods team was proud to showcase some new innovations, such as our Chicken Pot Pie, which was incredibly well received by grocery and club executives and buyers.

Harlan has also launched a line of value-driven cream pies that are shelf stable.  No freezing or refrigeration is necessary.

Lemon Meringue makes it a summer favorite. Shelf stable makes it flexible to    store and serve

Many asked how is Harlan able to manufacture such an appealing shelf stable pie?  And not just one SKU but a host of them?  The answer is found both in the specific equipment we use in the manufacturing process, but also our team's incredibly deep expertise in developing and manufacturing shelf-stable food products.

Did you know that one of Harlan's subsidiaries is one of only three manufacturers allowed to provide Meals Ready to Eat for America's military?  We also provide appealing shelf-stable products for a wide number of industries and uses.  We rely on this knowledge to make desserts families will fall in love with, and which just happen to also be shelf stable.

Butter Braids, a year 'round favorite the whole family will enjoy

We also debuted our newest snack, Butter Braids.  A buttery, salty, and delicious snack that families will reach for all the time.  The only challenge with enjoying Butter Braids is stopping.  They are so good that once a fan starts enjoying them, they will soon find an empty bowl.  Don't worry, we can make more!

Finally, we want to take a moment to share with you one of the videos we displayed in our booth at IDDBA.  This video showcases a much wider array of Harlan Foods products than was possible to showcase at IDDBA.  However, of equal importance, we want to share this video to celebrate our many S.A.F.E. Certified Food Manufacturing Professionals.

Without this team of committed, happy professionals, it would be impossible for Harlan Foods to provide the level of service and care we bring to each of our customers every day.

Harlan Foods quality team plays an important role in production and in           driving our culture

Thank you, team, for your hard work and dedication to helping make IDDBA a success for ALL the participants.  If you are interested in seeing more on other Harlan products as well as the team behind the exceptional food items we manufacture, please click here.

If you are interested in seeing other content Harlan Foods published for 2024 IDDBA, click here.

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2024 IDDBA-What a Show! ( blog post)

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IDDBA 2024- What a great show!

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