Breakfast Breads & Bagels

Many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It is a time to refuel and prepare for the day.  What you choose to put into your body is what is going to kickstart your body's engine and fuel you for a large part of your day.  We understand that finding the balance between taste, nutrition and quality is critical.

This goes beyond simply food safety.  Ensuring that our foods are safe is simply the starting point.  Our meticulous quality assurance program ensures that each product is perfectly prepared so that each product we make and our retailers sell looks, smells and feels exactly how consumers expect.  Our goal is to ensure that consumers trust what comes off our retailer's shelves.  Each time.  Every time.

Bagel close up

Harlan makes a variety of high quality foods designed to start the day off right.

Harlan Foods makes a variety of bagels, bagel minis and breakfast breads, configured in both fresh and frozen options for club retailers, specialty and mass grocers as well as quick serve restaurants.

Often, our retail customers come to Harlan's innovation team with specialty requests which their research tells them that customers are seeking.  Our team goes to work to create innovative new product extensions with improved nutrients, shelf stability as well as new and exciting tastes.  One of our recent, and highly successful QSR innovations is highlighted below.

Bagel Minis

Consumers are constantly seeking new and convenient menu items.

Delivering attractive and delicious food options means that consumers can get creative.  Traditionally, breakfast foods like bagels are served in the morning, however, many of our products lend themselves to replacing sandwich breads for snacks or lunchtime meals.  Our team of Foods Professionals doesn't just accept the status quo.  Consumers are constantly experimenting with on-the go meal options.  Retailers and suppliers must meet these ever-evolving needs in order to maintain customer loyalty.  Harlan's job is to work hand-in-hand with our retailers to constantly provide new and exciting meal options and ideas for consumers.

Breakfast isn't just for breakfast anymore

Breakfast foods can make a delicious option any time of the day.

We are constantly working with new and fresh ingredients

We are constantly working with new and fresh ingredients.



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