Our investment in community

While Harlan's workforce is incredibly diverse, a common bond among our Food Professionals is the sense of community.  Often, we live, work and play with one another.  While we are an incredibly diverse group, we share common beliefs and values as well as a common sense of purpose in what we do as Food Professionals.

We understand that food is life.  Often, the seemingly small act of sharing food can have far reaching effects.  Harlan understands the power and value of community and embraces each opportunity we have to link the power of food with important community experiences.

Often these community experiences help to galvanize us as a team.  The act of preparing and serving our fellow team members and sharing the common experience of enjoying a good meal can have far reaching effects.  Creating opportunities for our Food Professionals to come together as a community is important to Harlan.  The opportunity to learn and grow as a team often comes out of the simple act of sharing a table and a meal.

Our Food Professionals also understand that food has the power to do much more than create bonds between colleagues.  Food also has the power to help and heal.

Today, many Americans find themselves in a place where food instability is a very real part of their daily life. Often those who suffer from this reality are members of the local communities in which our Food Professionals live and work.  Food instability isn't a reality that any family anticipates nor is it something that can be easily predicted and is surely something that is difficult to plan around.  Food instability can have a daily and also a long term impact.

Harlan recognizes that while the company cannot solve the larger problem of food instability, we can take steps within our own community to lesson its impact.  Harlan Food Professionals who feel passionate about helping provide their time and energy to lessening the impact of food instability.  Harlan Foods often alongside other concerned food suppliers and retailers provides an opportunity to access important nutrition that families need during very difficult and uncertain times.

Being a Food Professional means more than simply making safe, quality food.  It also means using the resources at our disposal to improve the lives of our fellow community members.


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