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Often our customers ask Harlan to help create new flavors and products which meet shifting consumer demand.  Sometimes this takes the form of creating products with new recipe formulations which meet evolving needs and expectations of customers today.  Harlan's new chicken pot pie, also known

Healthy Homemade Chicken Pot Pie with Sauce and Peas

as a Banquet Pie, is a refreshing and healthy version of an old favorite.  Made with the highest quality ingredients fresh from the farm, including chicken free of unwanted antibiotics and hormones and quality vegetables and spices all surrounded by a crisp and flaky crust.  This old favorite with a new twist will provide a nutritious and filling option for any specialty get together or even a weekday family meal when time is short.

Harlan Foods' range of food manufacturing abilities covers a wide range and while we are known for manufacturing a wide range of well known and loved products such as our Everything Bagels, our food innovation team is hard at work to come up with new flavors and options that captivate the consumer and keep them coming back for more.

Rich Red Velvet Cake Muffins bursting with flavor

An example of this are some of our newest breakfast products which are a fusion of breakfast muffins with in-demand dessert flavors, such as our Red Velvet and Apple Pie muffins.

Our team takes great care and effort into developing and then crafting these muffins with the best possible ingredients so that each one looks and tastes like it came straight out of a baker's home kitchen.

Whoever said you can't have dessert for breakfast, has never tried one of our delicious muffins!

Harlan Foods expertise in creating iconic, go-to meal options has also extended into the in-between meal snack space with an ever expanding line of salty and savory baked snack products ranging from pretzel bites stuffed with zesty cheese to spicy and seasoned pretzel twists.  Both are perfect for game day celebrations, quick snacks or evening movie nights.  Regardless of what activities customers choose to pair with our snack products, it will be better with a variety of enjoyable snacks made with care by Harlan Foods' team of Certified Food Professionals.

Pretzel bites stuffed with a variety of zesty and exciting fillings

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