Muffins and Cookies

When isn't a good time to enjoy a delicious cookie or delectable muffin with a cold glass of milk?

With the popularity of the various flavors of muffins and cookies we manufacture at Harlan, we are pretty sure that a large slice of Americans embrace these tasty treats on a regular basis.

Our sweet snack products are made with the very finest ingredients from scratch, just like you do at home.  our Food Professionals take extra care in ensuring that each and every product tastes as good as home made, plus they absolutely LOVE what they do.  Making products with love just makes everything a little bit better.

Life is a little bit sweeter when you choose to treat yourself to something delicious and you don't have to clean up the kitchen afterwards!

Harlan's innovation lab is constantly working on new flavors and variations of these treats.  If your retail shelves need a freshen up with some exciting and interesting new private label snack flavors or items, we are here to help.


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