Harlan Foods subject matter experts work directly with our retail customer liaisons to create and test new products and formulations, and to assure that superior quality systems are firmly in place.

We recognize that innovation happens by changing the way you look at situations.  Our team often looks beyond the food industry for inspiration, know-how and emerging tools.

While disruptive innovation is part of our culture and in our Food Professional's DNA, there is another equally important focus we refer to as incremental innovation.  Incremental innovation is the hourly, daily and weekly hunt for improved ways to operate, communicate and collaborate.

Disruptive innovation is exciting.  Incremental innovation is powerful.

We know that when the consumer shares the products we make with family and friends, that experience fuels brand value.It is our mission and mandate to ensure that the food we deliver strengthens the bond between the brand, the retailer and the consumer.

Harlan recently devised and launched an innovative standards-based program which incorporates best-practices associated with every aspect of sourcing, development, planning, manufacturing and logistics.

This program, called SAFE stands for Standards-Based, Accountability Driven, Food Excellence.  SAFE is an overarching program which touches every aspect of what Harlan does on behalf of its retail clients and ensures that the products Harlan makes meet the exacting standards of the end consumer.

Harlan's R&D labs are state-of-the-art and staffed with experienced and certified subject matter experts.  Harlan delivers the art of the possible through science and best-practice systems.

Our Quality Control team rigorously monitors every aspect of our supply chain.  We audit and test raw ingredients as well as semi and finished products to ensure consistent quality product performance.

We conduct regular FSMA driven self-audits and SQF inspections as an ongoing part of our quality control program.  Each of these audits also includes SAFE performance standards.  Each employee, production team, production line, department and plant must conform to SAFE's exacting standards in order to achieve Harlan's Center of Excellence (COE) status.



One of Harlan's signature traits is its speed of service in developing and bringing new products to market.  While many of our facilities are automated, each retain the key element of flexibility to meet the changing needs of the market.  

Harlan continues to invest in the necessary technology, automation and information systems which allow Harlan to bring exciting  and in-demand products to market rapidly.  

We understand that as consumer demands change, product gaps are created and these gaps have a very real opportunity cost for retailers. Harlan is capable of producing a wide range of products in extremely flexible facilities staffed by problem solving subject matter experts. 

Harlan's SAFE methodology and continuous improvement approaches allow our team of experts to quickly close product gaps and eliminate opportunity cost by devising and delivering the right new products and line extensions quickly and without friction.


Harlan Foods is a flexible food manufacturer which has developed a variety of food manufacturing centers across the United States and Canada, each specially designed to meet a host of current and emerging food manufacturing requirements. 

Versatility is an important part of our business model.  We understand both the nature and the urgency of our client's projects and work hard to respect the privacy and confidentiality of each unique project.  Harlan also understands that to deliver on our promise of versatility doesn't require a trade-off in either quality or consistency.

We pride ourselves in our ability to make custom products or special formulations which help to increase consumer purchasing patterns.


We understand the art and the science of manufacturing safe, quality food that is delicious and nutritious. With hundreds of man-years of experience, our R&D experts have successfully developed innovative new products for many of the largest food brands across North America. 

Harlan also utilizes an array of tools, processes and information systems to ensure ingredient quality, superior formulation and consistent production for our retail customers.

Our SAFE methodologies require that our teams are constantly leveraging data, electronic systems and technical tools in new and innovative ways in order to drive performance results which meet our Center of Excellence standards.  

Harlan has consistently invested in new technologies to improve production, safety, quality and even regenerative outcomes, as well as the improved nutritional value of the food we produce.  Some of the latest R&D efforts in technology are game-changing approaches that Harlan is excited to promote and share with our industry clients as results mature.


Harlan was founded in the early 1990's by Hugh and Doug Harlan. The brothers recognized a need in the market for a bigger, better bagel.  The two entrepreneurs worked to create a flavor and product profile that aligned with this need.  Their efforts and innovative approach resonated with consumers and Harlan Bakeries was born.

Over the past 30 years, the company has continued to successfully grow and expand in order to meet our client's evolving requirements.  Harlan has grown organically as well as through strategic acquisition.  

In 2000, Kyger Bakery Products Inc. was purchased and the company expanded into production of quality pies. Each year Harlan's reputation in manufacturing world-class pies grew.  In 2019, the 25th Annual APC National Pie Championship awarded first place blue ribbons to the best commercial pies in each flavor category, with top honors going to Harlan Bakeries with an industry leading 19 blue ribbons.

In 2002, Harlan purchased A.C.E. Baking Company, Inc. of Denver CO and expanded capacity and versatility within the bagel category. In 2005, Harlan purchased various facilities of Meyers Bakeries and launched Southern Bakeries, LLC. This division of Harlan manufactures some of the most iconic and in-demand QSR bread products and packaged english muffins sold in the U.S. today. 

Harlan Foods takes a systematic, disciplined and strategic approach to the company's growth and expansion.  We take the time and effort to understand  the trends that drive the consumer's approach to food and nutrition and also the retail dynamics which shape and influence it.

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