Any time is a good time for dessert

In a recent Technomic survey of 1,500 consumers, 70 percent said they eat dessert at least once per week away from home. According to Technomic’s Dessert report, the most popular time consumers eat dessert is after dinner (58% do so at least once a week), but other dayparts only slightly lag behind—44% eat dessert as a mid-evening snack and 34% eat it as a mid-afternoon snack, while 35% have it after lunch and 33% as a late-night.

While dessert is still a household habit, the number of families enjoying a post entree treat is dropping.  A study by the research firm NPD Group, which studies consumer trends in America, said that only 12 percent of Americans eat dessert with dinner, compared to 24 percent in 1986.

Why is dessert seeing a drop?  Over the past several decades, families have become more active and also health conscious.  Many dessert options haven't kept up with consumer trends of convenience and nutrition.

Harlan prides itself on being the exception to the rule.  It's no secret that Harlan Foods' pies are delicious, having one 19 blue ribbons for Best in Commercial, Professional and Amateur pies in the Sweet, Savory and No Sugar Added Sweet Pie categories, all in a single year.  However, they are also convenient and healthy.

Harlan's pies come in several sizes in both fresh and frozen variations making it a snap to warm and serve when the urge arises or to hold onto for just the right pie occasion.

On a regular basis, consumers have contacted Harlan after purchasing one of our pies for the first time and expressing both shock and gratitude for baking pies that taste every bit as good, and on more than a few occasions, better than homemade.

Harlan's apple pies are a product we are especially proud of.  The signature taste and quality is derived not just from the passion our Food Professionals put into their work but from the rich and plump apples, which we grow ourselves and are picked at their peak ripeness.  Consumers who purchase Harlan pies from our retailers are guaranteed to return, increasing the opportunity for retailers to increase market basket sizes and build loyal customers.

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