Feeding North America

There is a well-known story within Harlan Foods.  One of our General Managers (GM) was walking the floor when he was approached by an employee who had questions about his job and ways he might improve.  The General Manager saw an opportunity.

While the GM had a wealth of knowledge he would provide the employee in order to answer his question on improvement, he approached the conversation differently.  The GM told the employee that while his tasks were aligned with being a Mixing Operator his job was to help feed America.

He explained as a Food Professional, a Mixing Operator should work to master the tasks that is his responsibility.  However, the mastery of those tasks also had a higher purpose.  Our GM explained that the team member was part of a larger, well-orchestrated team which delivered a consistent supply of safe, quality food to communities and families across North America.

Harlan recognizes that in order to help feed America, we have to be passionate about the details and tasks that each of our Food Professionals engages in daily.

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