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Today, one in ten Americans have enjoyed a Harlan product.  Whether the consumer encounters our product in a drive-thru, in a restaurant or at home, the outcome should be the same.  The food they enjoy should be of the highest quality.  It should be nutritious.  It should be delicious and above all, it should be consistently free from any outside contaminants.  

Our mission and mandate is to provide families across North America with the highest quality, most enjoyable and nutritious food products possible.  Consumers should never have to think about what goes into creating safe quality food.  Nor should our retail clients.  That is our responsibility as Food Professionals.  

To deliver on this promise, every Harlan Food Professional has entered into a pledge to uphold the promise we make to our retail customers and the consumers who enjoy their branded products.  Each new Harlan employee must undergo an apprenticeship process as well as complete a rigorous training and testing process before graduating into Harlan's Certified Food Professional (CFP) ranks.  Each year, all Food Professionals complete continuing education and must undergo recertification testing to maintain their CFP status.  

The CFP program is an important component of SAFE and was developed by Harlan to ensure that every Harlan team member is aligned with our mission.  As a company, our success is found in the pride our team members take in achieving CFP status as well as helping their teams achieving Center of Excellence certification.  

We pride ourselves in delivering innovative new products that increase our retail client's brand value by consistently delivering safe, quality and nutritious food.  While Harlan has been the recipient of numerous innovation and product awards, the award we are most proud of is the trust our clients have bestowed upon us.



Harlan is an entrepreneurially minded, family run company. We operate under a clear guiding vision and have developed long-term strategies which we invest our focus and efforts into daily.

We do not cut corners to meet the short term expectations of outside investors, nor do we ignore the need to consistently reinvest in the systems, tools, training and infrastructure required to benefit our customers and our Food Professionals. Harlan recruits top level talent from across the industry as well as cultivating emerging leaders from within the organization.

We understand the need to balance the acquisition of external experience and best practices with internal institutional knowledge and know-how which offers our customers distinct advantages in service, product innovation and delivery.

Eco-Friendly Focus

We are committed to responsible sourcing in our supply chain by working with farmers and suppliers who deliver products that are free from contaminants.

We actively research and apply sustainability best practices throughout our supply chain as well as our own manufacturing processes. We are constantly seeking out new methods to manufacture product which reduce our waste and energy signatures.

Harlan works to partner with leading equipment and technology providers, farmers and material suppliers who share our commitment to operational excellence, sustainability and where possible, regenerative systems and methodologies.


Automation is an important component to keeping production costs low and quality high. Harlan production facilities employ a variety of automated systems. However, we understand that automation alone isn't enough.

Harlan understands that state-of-the-art also means applying advanced thinking in product development, management, innovation, team collaboration, continuous improvement, systems intelligence and training.

Harlan views state-of-the-art as a holistic system designed to improve new product design, customer satisfaction, market place intelligence, safety, manufacturing and quality, as well as supply chain management.

To us, state-of-the-art is much more than a phrase applied to new equipment.
“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”
                                  –Booker T. Washington


Quality products require fresh, quality ingredients, sourced in responsible, cost effective and eco-friendly ways.
Quality also requires safe, clean and modern manufacturing facilities with well-defined continuous improvement and operational excellence processes. Well-trained food manufacturing professionals who are 100% committed to Harlan's mission and our client's needs is important to delivering a quality product.


Innovation is fueled by curiosity and a desire for achieving excellence. At Harlan Foods, innovation also means bringing the 'Art of the Possible' to life in everything we do.
We understand that the riskiest thing we can do is to simply maintain the status quo. Our teams are constantly motivated to look to other industries and product categories for ideas and inspiration to apply to their work as a Food Professional.


Manufacturing safe, quality food is simply where we start. Our passion lies in service. This means working daily to understand the nuances of our client's businesses and their consumer's ever-changing needs. We inspire our teams to think beyond what is in the box of food we deliver. We inspire them to be problem solvers, innovators and experts. At Harlan, delivering on this is the essence of service.

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